Most people don't know that...

1. When I was 15 I attended a seminary school and considered the Priesthood.

2. By the time I was 18 I had moved more than 70 times, attended 8 Junior High Schools and 4 High Schools.

3. At age 21 I became the youngest youth Head Football Coach in Arizona history.

4. At age 30 I became one of the youngest CIO's for an American public company.

5. I competed in martial arts for more than 10 years and spent two years trying to learn Japanese.

6. I've had a couple of paid interior-design gigs.

7. I've been an image consultant to several public figures and celebrities.

8. I love opera, air shows, and cyber-punk movies.

9. It takes me only 5 minutes to walk the office which is in downtown NYC. On my left I pass a statue of George Washington marking where took the oath of office and on my right I pass the New York Stock Exchange.

10. My wife and I got married on the roof of the Cocoa Exchange building in NYC which is also called the "mini-Flatiron" building. My father, a retired minister, officiated the ceremony.