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10 Ways to Optimize Your Personal Website and Jumpstart Your Job Search

May 15, 2013

Nine months is a long time - just ask any expecting mom. Nine months can feel like an especially long time when you are unemployed. According to the US Labor Department, the average job search now lasts more than 36 weeks – a little shorter than the average pregnancy.

Why so long? The economic downturn means that there are fewer jobs available, which means that competition for every job opening has become fierce. Hiring managers receive an average of 150 resumes for every position advertised....

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5 Reasons Why Every Professional Should Have A Personal Website

May 16, 2013

As a professional building a successful career has never been more difficult. Not only are there fewer jobs available for a more skilled workforce, but competition for any given job is through the roof. A recent study conducted by found that, in addition to the 8% unemployment rate, 77% of people who already have jobs are also looking for their next gig.

Job seekers have to stay sharp if they want to have a chance in this hypercompetitive market. They have to make sure...

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